Friday, July 6, 2012


As quilters will all agree, sometimes the hardest part of making a quilt is in deciding what fabric to use. Not what type of fabric, as most will choose 100% cotton, but in deciding what colors to use together and what print of fabric works best. 

Long gone are the days when a lot of us grew up thinking that stripes did not go with plaids, or circles didn't go with other designs. We grew up thinking hem lines had to be perfectly straight across and that certain colors did not work with other colors. 

Then we became quilters!  Just about anything goes. O.k. for some - anything goes. 
When it comes to quilts they were originally made to help keep us warm and any fabric, new or old was used. The art of recycling at it's best. Today they keep us warm, become art on our walls and find many other uses.

Here are a few pictures of the latest quilt block I've been making. My co-worker got me started on it and we are both hooked on this one block. It has so many possibilities.  Yes, it can be made into a quilt with other blocks added as in the original pattern found in the Fon's and Porter August 2009 magazine where this pattern is from.   The pattern is called "Granny's Stars"  There are two star patterns in the block.  And there are 61 pieces in each block!  Sounds like a lot of pieces!  But they are fairly small, simple to make and a great way to use scraps if you are only making a single block as I am. 
Total size of these blocks is 16 - 18 inches. Size depends on if an outer border is used. 

Yes, I am making just single blocks that I will finish and make into small wall hangings, or they can be used for small table covers, or even pillow fronts. Like I said - So many possibilities. 

1st one - "Butterflies in Teal"

2nd one " Southwestern Star"

3rd one, "Fruit Basket"

4th one "Teal Daisies"

 Each of these blocks is what is called a WIP (Work in Progress) as they are not finished with the backing, quilting and binding.  But I wanted to share some of what I've been working on.  

You can see that each block has a totally different look. It's all in the fabric you choose and the placement of that fabric.  

One of the fun things about quilting is figuring out what fabrics to use where. If you are following a pattern and want to follow the pattern as close as possible you normally will look for fabrics that are as close to the pattern as possible, or the exact fabrics when possible.  I like to play around and see what different looks I can come up with. 

These are just the first of several more I'll be making.  Christmas is coming and I have several ideas......    

Find a pattern you like, just a single block and run with it! See what you can do! 

Happy Quilting! 

Til next time......


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  1. Phyllis that was very interesting and you are so right about the variations. One block takes on a whole different look when different fabrics are used.I am not very confident when it comes to mixing up patterns so that part takes me the longest. Thank-you, love reading your blog.