Saturday, July 21, 2012


Whether it is watching the storms approach, or just watching the sky change, or watching the sun set or one of the many beautiful sunrises we are blessed with, my DH and I often look out over what surrounds us and are amazed at what we see.  God's beauty. 

From our back deck we see pasture that gives way to mountains in a full semi circle. The pasture is home to nearly 100 cows both big and tiny.

Our front view is a road, then another small pasture that leads to woodland.  

The cows are fun and interesting to watch.  Did you know that full grown cows can run?  That the little baby cows love to run and play with each other? That cows mourn over the death of one of their own? That they will gather together to fight off a coyote who is after one of their little ones? We've seen it all. 

We sit and watch traffic as it goes buy, often speeding. We've also seen several accidents within 1/4 of a mile of our house. One actually landed in our front yard and across the road from us. 
We also get to watch the farm tractors slowly past holding up traffic, and it reminds me even more that we still live in the country.

This summer we have been witness to a Red Hawk who has  had a nest in the tallest tree at the edge of the woods across the street.  This past week both DH and I witnessed the hawk with a smaller bird. We assumed it was teaching the little one to fly and glide. 

When we get company either just to visit us or coming to Quilter's Pantry for business we often get asked how we ever get any work done.  I assure them that it isn't always easy.  I'd much rather just sit and watch the country world go by on some days. 

But I know that as much as the view outside is calling me so are the fabrics and the quilts calling my name.  Quilts that customers have sent and need to be quilted to finish the beautiful work my customer has done in piecing them. 
Fabric that calls my name and wants to be made into a quilt to sell or to give to someone. 

Lately I also have fabric calling my name to make baby things. Baby quilts, bibs, burp cloths.  The baby items are just about done. I still have a little over 2 months to make more little things. 

And now it is time to start thinking of what to make for Christmas for gifts.  Yes, I know it's only July, but as a crafter/quilter it is really never too early to start making things.  

And so, I leave you now.  Enjoy looking at the sky we see while I sit and look at yet another sun set. 
Tomorrow the fabric will be calling me, and I will go work on my quilting.  
Tonight - I relax, and may do the binding on a baby quilt for my grandson. 

Have a great week everyone. And if you ever get this way ---- call and drop by.  We'd love to share our view with you. And you can meet all my fabrics and quilts too.

Til next time ---

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