Monday, August 13, 2012


Life is funny sometimes. We tend to go with the flow, or we make waves. When life doesn't seem to go our way, when things don't just fall into place easily we tend to make waves and attempt to make things work our way, and when we want them to. We want to be able to walk the path we have set in our mind.

This does not always work out. As I had learned a long long time ago there is a time and a place for everything. (As for a place for everything, would someone please come get me reorganized ? lol )
A time for everything is another matter. We often find ourselves with our life planned out the way we want it. We know what we want, we know when we want it. Then life throws little curve balls at us. And it is my belief that God is in total control of my life and no matter what I may have in mind to do or when, He will either let those plans work out as I want or He will change them according to the way He wants them. We just have to listen to Him.  Then there are times that things happen and we don't have a choice in altering His plan. 

We find this in our everyday life of living, working, traveling and other everyday things we do. 

We as quilters find this all the time. We find a pattern, we find the fabric, we find the time.  We sit to work on the quilt and 9.5 chances out of 10 our goal gets postponed. Our pieces are cut wrong, our seams are not sewn correctly, our sewing machine acts up, the phone rings, smoke alarm goes off and the door bell rings all at the same time when our quilting is going along perfectly!  

As quilter's we find that going with the flow, no matter how rough it gets sometimes is the best way to go. We tend to stop quilting when everything seems to be going against us. We know it is time for a break from it. When we return to the quilting the things we found that were giving us problems are no longer an issue.  We just needed that 'time out'. 

Yes, quilting for many is a form of therapy. A chance to take a break from our normal life. A time to sink our heart and souls into a totally different world and enjoy the ride.And then we find, as I have found in the last few days, even quilting takes a back seat to life. 

There are times that life really throws you a curve ball and you have to stop and readjust everything to make room for it. But it is worth it. 

Just three days ago my grandson was born 9 weeks early.  From the moment my daughter's water broke my life, my work, my quilting has taken a back seat to her, her husband and the new baby. 

Many hours have been spent in prayer, asking many others to pray with us and for us and them. We have lost sleep, we have adjusted schedules, we have postponed our  'to do list'.  We have done what needs to be done and the rest had been spent wrapped around this new little wonder in our lives. 

Today we heard the wonderful news that he is totally breathing on his own. No more oxygen needed.  He so far as beaten all the time tables they have set for 'normal preemie' milestones.  We pray that he continues this way. 

Today is the first day I'm semi back to normal.  For me it is a day off work. A day I normally would spend in the quilt studio.  And, yes, I will get there yet today.  I have quilt labels to make, a small wall hanging to quilt for a customer and another one to load onto the longarm.  But what I'm looking forward to most is the time I will get to spend with my daughter and tiny grandson. 

I hope you all have a wonderful day.  Take time to evaluate what are the important things in your life and know that sometime we are not given the choice or the time to evaluate the important things.  After all we have this grand baby all planned out, everything in time, everything had other plans!  

Til next time ---- keep those needles quilting, keep those family ties connected.

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