Sunday, August 12, 2012


 Our little Grandson is doing well. This picture is of him with his hand wrapped around his Daddy's finger! 
He is on less oxygen which is a great thing. His Daddy got to change his diaper last evening. 
We celebrate such tiny hurdles when they are this little.

I was looking at him and thinking of the two quilts I have made for him. How BIG they are, even the little one!  I think I may make a smaller one for him when I get a chance. 

I unfolded a FQ last night and realized he could fit in it wrapped up! A couple of large quilt blocks with a border on them and he'd be wrapped up snug and warm. And to realize that he is possibly the largest one in the NCIU! It's amazing what they can do now for even the tiniest of God's miracles. 

Hopefully in a day or two my daughter will be able to come home. Get some rest and between us get the nursery ready.

I have taken a break from any quilting for a while, but will be getting back to it this week. Need to work on a couple customer quilts and put labels in the two quilts I've made for our grandson. 

In the mean time - we do what has to be done around the house and at work and spend the rest of our time with our daughter, son in law and grandson. 

Til next time - keep those needles busy making quilts. 


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