Sunday, August 19, 2012


AJ at 8 days old
Time flies when your having fun.  Time also flies when you anxiously wait to see a precious little grandchild reach just one more hurdle, one more step towards being able to come home. 

Our little grandson is doing great. He is up to 3 lbs after dropping down to 2 lbs 13 oz as most newborns loose some weight at first. He is off the oxygen; off the UV lights he was on to help with the jaundice; and as of last night he is up to 12mil of breast milk (through the feeding tube).  

I love to watch him when he is awake and looking around. Now that the UV light is off and he no longer has to have the eye mask on all the time he opens his eyes and looks around and looks to where voices are coming from even if he can't really see very far yet.

My Daughter has been able to hold him several times, changed his tiny diaper (even the preemie diapers are too big and have to be folded down).  She is doing well in her recovery and has been busy.  

Our little one still has hurdles to cross before he can come home. One is that he needs to be 4 lbs.  

We have been so blessed. He is so perfect in every way. He has had no other medical problems other than being small and a bit jaundice for a few days.  

We continue to keep him in our prayers and appreciate all those who are praying with us.  

May you all have a great day.  I'll write more soon. 

Til next time - keep those needles stitching.


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