Sunday, September 23, 2012


The calendar changed from August into September, the temperatures changed, the date showed it was the first day of Fall. 
People are starting to count the days until Christmas. As the clock ticks that number gets smaller as the daylight hours grow shorter. 
We turn the AC over to heat. We dig out the sweaters and put away the shorts and sleeveless tops. We do the fall cleaning in preparation for the change in home decorations. We change the summer quilts out for the warmer fall color quilts. 

And....we suddenly realize we only have a couple of months to make all those gifts we want to give this year. 

There is still time to make a quilt! There is plenty of time to make the small lap quilts, wall hangings, table covers, placemats, pot holders, aprons, purses and tote bags. And then there are the fleece tie blankets and scarfs. Just to name a few gift ideas for you. 

Pinterest has become a popular web site to search out ideas others have found, or made and post for ideas or purchase. I'll worn you though, if you've not been to Pinterest get addicting.

There is also time to search out and purchase these items for your loved ones that others have made with love to sell.. Quilter's Pantry (that's me lol ) has several items for sale on the web shop just to name one. 

If you have in mind that you want to learn how to quilt and want to add that to your Christmas wish list.... let your loved ones know what you will need to get started so your Christmas stocking will be full to over flowing with quilt supplies.  
Don't know what all you will need? Check out "Tools of the Trade" above for a list of the basics. 

In the mean time.... it's Fall! Go out and enjoy the beautiful weather, the clear skies, the changing leaves, the beauty of the trees, the rolling hills, the mountains, the sea shore, where ever you may live. There is beauty everywhere.  Take time out to go for a drive or a bus trip. Go shopping even if it's just window shopping to see what is out there. Attend the crafts shows and fall festivals. Get inspired. 

And with that..... I'm headed to the quilt studio to work on one more baby quilt that will be for sale and a customer's quilt so it's ready for her to pick up next weekend and drop off another one she has for me. 

If you have quilt tops that need quilting - any size- let me know at Quilter's Pantry. We can talk details, price and time frame. 

Til next time....keep those needles stitching



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