Sunday, September 9, 2012


Life has been busy for us this last month. All the lists of things to do had been put aside for a while. The early birth of our grandson took over the top rank in our lives. There no longer was a list of things to do. There were the automatic things we did each day. First we checked on how he was doing. 
Second we went to see him. 
Third we checked later in the day to see how he was doing.

(Above picture is the little foot prints of some of the babies born in the NCIU. The smallest foot print is of a baby weighing only 13 oz ! Modern day medicine and God's miracles are amazing. Just looking at that hallway each day when I went to see our grandson left me in awe.)  

In between it all we did our regular life - eat, sleep, work, and pay the bills.

And in between all of it I continued to quilt or at least sew some. 

Customer quilts have come in and I am working on them to get them back to their owner. Quilting has a way of relaxing a tense soul. When life throws you the unexpected having a hobby to go to is wonderful. Making that hobby into a business can add some stress to the joy, but it is still a joy to work on quilts. My own quilts take a back seat to those I am working
on for my customers, but I know mine are still there. 

Quilting also gives a person the chance to have a hobby that can be done in steps. And it allows you to work on several quilts in various stages at the same time. 

A quilter can be cutting out the pieces for one. Piecing another one, Longarming (quilting) another one, adding the binding to yet another. And yes, I have them going in all those stages at the same time. 

It can get complicated when you are cutting out the pieces for more than one at a time. You have to remember which quilt you are working on. Especially if you are not really using a pattern. 

Tips for help in knowing the different pieces and where they go and which quilt they go with include sticky notes, and plastic containers. If you do have a pattern or write one out, put that into the plastic container. Cut out your pieces and mark each pile of pieces with a sticky note saying the size of the pieces and where they go in the pattern. (Most patterns are marked with 'A', 'B', 'C' etc. )
Also add who the quilt is for if you have someone in mind for it.  Thing like looking at a partially made quilt and wonder who or why you were making it. 
If you have to stop before you have all the pieces cut out. Put all the fabric you have for making that quilt and the rest of the pieces into that same plastic container.  This will ease the confusion when you look back into the container and wonder what that quilt was all about. 
This allows you to enjoy the important things in life with ease. 

Life continues. Our grandson has had a slight set back and even though he was home a short time, he is now back in the hospital for a few days. They are running test to rule out a few things, have him on meds for one thing. He is a fighter, has been since day one. 

(Update Sept 10 PM - he is now home and going well.)

Til next time......
Keep those needles stitching!


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