Sunday, September 16, 2012


As stated before it's been a busy month. Life has calmed down some and we are a bit back to normal. Our normal now includes a new person who is loved more than he knows. 
When the kids brought AJ home they didn't have the crib yet. They were unsure where he was going to sleep that first night. We suggested a dresser drawer or a cradle. They didn't have a cradle, didn't have the Pack and Play set up yet either. But they did have a dresser drawer. More than that they had a dresser drawer that had meaning! This dresser was made by my Daughter's paternal grandfather when she was just 16. 

So that first night AJ slept on a small quilt made by his Maternal Grandmother, "Granny" (me) in a dresser drawer made by his Maternal Great GrandFather who just so happens to be the man his middle name is in memory of! Talk about a special place to lay your head! 

He still sleeps during the night in that dresser drawer as he is so small. He spend his day time sleep in his big crib. 

Many of us have stories or have heard stories of babies sleeping in dresser drawers, in shoe boxes or other small places because they were so small or the parents didn't have a crib for their child. Such memories to pass along as they grow into adults!

This is also true in the world of quilting. Many of us have a family history of quilting in our lives. Many have been taught by their mother or grandmother how to quilt, or how to sew. I was taught to sew by my Mother and helped her make the one and only quilt she made when I was 10. 

I was reminded of all this while at work this week and talking to a young lady who was buying a sewing machine. She wanted a cheap one as she was just learning. I discussed what she would be using the machine for and her plans for what she wanted to be sewing in the future. Through this conversation I was able to direct her to a machine that did a bit more and would suit her better for longer.  She then made the comment that she was in line to inherit her grandmother's sewing machine when the time came. Her face lit up when talking about this sewing machine and the fact that it was old, had a cabinet and could sew anything. She lit up more because this machine was her grandmothers and  came with fond memories of her grandmother. I could just envison her watching her grandmother sew and make quilts. I could tell there was a lot of love between them. 

Whether you have memories of your mother or grandmother making quilts or sewing can attribute your love of the craft to that connection or you have just started out on your own with no history behind it remember that what you do now will somehow, someway touch others. The quilts you make and give away to family members. The ones you give to charity. The ones you give to friends. All will touch someone and not only will bring them warmth at the moment but it may bring them fond memories in years to come. 

Go out and make today a great day and smile in the memories both past and those coming to others. 

Til next time.....Keep those needles stitching.

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