Saturday, September 29, 2012


There are times in life that 'life' takes over and you don't have time to do the things you want to do.  Then there are the times that you have everything set in order so you can get them all done before something major happens.... and life still changes things and you have to change your plans.

This year has been a mixture of both. I had plans to get a lot done before our little grandson was born in October. Then in the middle of completing those tasks he decides to make his entrance at 31 weeks instead of waiting 8 or 9 more weeks. 

But I've been able to accomplish all the quilts I wanted to get done plus some other items since he was born. I even got all the baby quilts and other baby items made in time for his actual arrival. 

Now...... as the month of September comes to an end and  we begin to decorate our homes for fall, harvest and then Thanksgiving and Christmas we set new goals. We have a list of things to do a mile long and each day it seems to get longer. 

One way, as a quilter, to get things done quicker is to buy and use 'cheater' fabric. The pictures above and below is an example of what that is. While it looks like I took all those different pieces of fabric, put them together with tiny black sashing, it is actually fabric that is designed that way. It looks like a quilt already.  It is what is known as 'cheater' fabric. Take one piece add borders and you have your quilt top.  It comes in handy especially for table runners, smaller quilts and smaller projects. It does work for larger quilts also if you need a really quick quilt. And yes, I've used it for that also. 

 With that in mind you can stress less and impress while you are at it.  If your time frame seems short for larger projects you want to get done for Christmas gifts, don't fret. Don't spoil your enjoyment of the holidays in trying to do it ALL.  Make smaller gifts. Add an IOU to the smaller gift and let the person know you are working on something, but they may have to wait. 

Last year I made a wall hanging for my daughter and son in law with an IOU that I would make them wall hangings throughout the year for the different seasons. It worked well for me and for them, and now they have a wall hanging for their entry way for each season. 

This year.... well, we'll see how I do in the 80 some days til Christmas. And just to let you know, I do have time to finish a few quilts for you in time. So if you need longarm work done on a quilt you are working on just let me know. Check out my web site for more details and to order. 

Til next time.... keep those needles stitching. 


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