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My Current Quilting Cutting Table area

One Google search for ‘Quilting Room Designs’ and one can be overwhelmed with just the images of how people lay out their quilting space!  So much space! So many supplies. So clean and organized. 

All of which most of us do not have! Even I get discouraged looking at some of them as I wish I had more room; and I have a lot of room compared to others! 

If you take a look at the images you then have to sit back and look at what you have to work with and wonder what in the world will work for you in the space you actually have. 

If you are like so many others, your space for sewing and quilting is very limited. A spare room in your home; a room that is also used for your guests when they come to visit and spend a night or two or more; or even just the dining room table are just some of the areas most commonly used. Few of us have ALL the room we need  want for our quilting.  Like our fabric, we always want more! 

What we want is ROOM!  We need room for our sewing machine (s), our long arm, our serger, our cutting table, TV, Radio, computer, ironing board, desk, storage room for all our fabrics, room to display our quilts and wall hangings and other projects AND a large wall to use as a display wall. AND floor space enough to lay out a king size quilt to baste together before we quilt it (If we don’t have a longarm). OH, and then there is the space we need for a friend to come over and sew with us! Or in my case, so I can teach others to quilt! 

WOW! If only we all had that much room. 

So how do we make the most of what we do have? By using the same talents we have to quilt and do other craft projects --- we get creative! 


1)    Look at the space you do have in your home. I know, it is already full of ‘stuff’, but what can you rearrange, recycle, reuse, or get rid of?  (No, the kids, pets and spouse are NOT options to get rid of!)

2)    Where do you sew? Where would you like to be able to sew?

3)    How much fabric and notions to you have? Are they organized the way you can easily find and use them? Are things you use most often within easy reach when you need them? 


1)    Determine where you want your sewing/quilting space to be. I hope it is your very own room, even if it is small. But if your space is still your dining room table we can still find places to store your fabric and supplies. For this time I am going with the idea that you have a room all your own.

2)    As in quilting it’s time to measure, measure, & measure! Make sure ALL the stuff you want in the area will fit. To help with this you may wish to get out your graph paper and draw where everything my fit and do all your rearranging on the paper to save moving the actual furniture later. If everything you want does not fit in your room decide where some of your storage will be. Keep it as close to the area as possible for easy access.

3)    Start cleaning out the area so that everything possible is moved out of the area and then clean the vacant area. Paint the walls if you want those changed. Change the flooring if you want and can afford to. If not, that’s o.k. too.

4)    Look into better lighting, especially if the window light is limited.

5)    Once you have all that done, start putting in your tables, sewing machines, ironing board, and all your fabric stash!  (I writing a separate article about fabric storage as it in itself has many options.)

6)    Now pour yourself a cup of coffee, or tea, sit back and celebrate your new space while you envision working/playing in all your quilting space!

7)    And here are just a few of the possibilities. Starting with where I started out and ending with what I have now including the top photo.  Your usage of your area is left only to your imagination. 
My original sewing space
Original Fabric and Notions area
My Fabric stash - ever increasing, ever diminishing

 You see, your area doesn't have to be perfect. It doesn't have to be clean and neat and dust free all the time. After all it is the space you work in. So take the space you have, create what works best for you and enjoy your passion of quilting! 

Feel free to add in the comments any ideas you have of how you use your own space.  We often find ideas from others and sharing is a great way to help each other.  

Happy Quilting!! 

 And don't forget - for more information on longarming and other services for quilts check out the web site at Quilter's Pantry  !

  Til next time - keep those needles stitching! 


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