Saturday, March 9, 2013


Our local quilt show is over the this year. Many hours of planning, many hands of helping, many quilters offering their quilts for display and judging, vendors set up with items for sale and services to offer. 
Like a Thanksgiving dinner that takes hours and hours to plan and cook, and just moments for family to devour, the tear down of a show is over quickly. Quilts are taken down for their owner's to pick up, display racks are disassembled and loaded up for storage until the next time they are needed. Vendors pack up what they didn't sell and travel on to the next show, or if local return it to display at their shops. And volunteers clean up the location so it can be used the next day for it's original purpose

And so we say good bye to the beautiful quilts we enjoyed experienced. "Enjoyed' just doesn't do a quilt show justice. We are often awed by the work that goes into some; we are mesmerized by another person's vision to create such masterpieces. We are inspired by many of them and want to go home and make oneone or two like we saw. I know I have that thought!

As a vendor at this particular show I enjoyed meeting the people who stopped by my booth and chatted, bought and shared with me. I hope I was able to help you and answer the questions you had for me. If you still have questions contact me and I'll do my best to answer them.  

Our quilt show may be over, but this year is actually just beginning, spring is just around the corner, and now is a great time to get those quilts started or finished. Beat the end of the year rush! 

On a side, but related note:

The photo I used today is a tiny wall hanging that now hangs by my front door. It is in memory of Chris M. who lost her battle with cancer a couple of weeks ago, and in honor of Sandy S. who is fighting her battle with cancer. Sandy S. taught our guild members to make this block (with a few extra steps for it being finished into a quilt). Our guild members made a quilt in this method and presented it to Sandy today at the end of the show. My tiny wall hanging reminds me each day of the challenges that are put before us, and the blessings we find by just looking. And sometimes those blessings are in the people you meet and how they have touched our lives. 

With that I will close this writing.

Until next time..... keep the inspiration going and those needles stitching.




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