Sunday, March 31, 2013


Flowers and Butterflies - pic taken by my sister.
Happy Easter to all of my readers. 

Today we celebrate. Some celebrate with just the Easter bunny and Easter egg hunts and candy for the kids. Others celebrate the resurrection of Jesus. Some celebrate with a combination of all and include family time and a good meal which often is a family traditional meal.  The Easter egg hunts also are family traditions. 

As time goes on often the family traditions change, some end, others are added.  As a child I remember every Easter my Dad would give a Tulip plant to my Mother and her Mother and his Mother.  It was a special tradition of his. Then one year when I was about 16 (maybe younger) he gave me my own Tulip plant! I felt extra special that year. And for the next few years while I was still at home before I married and moved away, he continued to include me in those he gave Tulips to for Easter. 

I miss my Mom and Dad. Many years have gone by since they have each passed away. But each day I think of them and even more so on these special days. Days that were family days. Days of tradition that over time have changed, or ended.  

Many, many years later on Easter a friend brought me an  Easter tulip plant. I cried. He didn't know the reason for the tears, he didn't know my story of the Easter Tulips. And I never told him.  Some traditions, once they are just a memory, a sweet memory, stay a sweet memory for me. Because it just wouldn't be the same otherwise. 

So as you go about your day, may you be blessed with traditions - those that are sweet memories, those that continue on, and those that you may have just started with your family. 

Happy Easter from the family at Quilter's Pantry

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