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Mini Cabinet

The internet has even more links and ideas for your fabric storage than they do about overall Quilting space. (At least that’s what I think from my simple search). There are the shelves like you see in some quilt shops, cabinets, chest of drawers, barrels, plastic bins, wire bins, even a file cabinet!  There is storage to fit just about every space potential possible.

Again it is about how much space you have and of course how much fabric you already have and eventually will have. No matter what you have now, you will have more. If you are just starting out this is something you will soon come to learn – fabric is addictive!  You may have enough for your current project, but there are always more projects and there is always the fabric you see and ‘just have to have’! And you’re stash of smaller pieces of fabric will also increase the more you quilt.

You will need space to store yardage as well as the smaller pieces and then the really small pieces.

1)   Wall shelving

2)   Book Cases

3)   Plastic bins

4)   Wire Baskets

5)   File cabinets

6)   Recycle an old dresser, a large trunk.

7)   Other


1)   Wall Shelving

a)   This can be accomplished by racking like used at some Walmarts, and as pictured

b)   A built in heavy duty book case

c)   Shelves attached to the wall

 )   Portable Book Cases can be used and then moved as you continue to expand your fabric stash and your sewing space.

3)   Plastic Bins can be used for our full yardage or your smaller pieces. Keeping them organized to fit your style. I have mine according to several styles all in one set of plastic drawers.  I have them according to color, but then I have a section where I have a group set aside for a particular project (2 of them actually). I then use the bottom drawer for non cotton, non quilting pieces of fabric that I am saving to use…… for who knows what. It’s part of ‘I just want to have it” fabrics. Or someone gave them to me.

4)   Wire baskets or even wicker baskets can be used for smaller pieces as well as yardage.

5)   And yes, even file cabinets can be recycled to hold your fabric. Just fold it over a hanging file folder and hang it in the cabinet. You can even put the pattern you want to use with those fabrics inside the file holder and have it all ready for you to just pull it out and get to your next project! Or if you are fortunate enough to own a large file cabinet  like used in a doctor's office....what a way to store yardage and be able to close it all up to hide it and keep it away from dust, pets, etc.


6)   An old dresser is a great place to store fabric and supplies. I have a dresser my father made me when I was a teenager. It’s wonderful for quilting, arts and crafts supplies. Old trunks work for storing your finished quilts or your WIPs.

Plastic Drawers and Old Dresser for Storage

7)   Other places to store fabric include bins that fit under your bed. I know many quilters who don’t have a lot of room to use for quilting and even less for storage. So they use what spare space they can find. The shelves inside a closet make a great place as well, and more shelves can be built in to hold more fabric and supplies. This is also a great idea as you can close and even lock the door to keep others out.

Let your imagination go and use what you have and what you can afford for placement of the fabric that you have.

Feel free to store it the way you find works for you. Store it by color, theme, grouping, or project or a mixture of all of them. If your fabric is easy to find, see and use your quilting will go easier and with less stress. As you grow as a quilter, increase the amount of fabric you have or the space you have to quilt and store it all you will change your methods of storage. I went from a small room to a larger room and even that is ever evolving in where I keep everything.

Have a great place you use? Feel free to share here in the comments.

          Ways to fold your fabric will be coming up next.

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