Tuesday, October 25, 2011

Christmas cactus in October

Christmas Cactus

This year, at the time I normally put this plant into a dark spot and don't water it for a month, it decided to go into full bloom.  I have over 15 blossoms on it. Some are already past their prime, but a few more buds have shown up.

This plant used to belong to my hubby's father, Jack.  Jack's nick name was 'Cactus Jack".  I was blessed in being given this plant when it was still smaller and over the years have prayed that I don't kill it. Instead it continues to grow. I've taken pieces off and given to my daughter who has already broken off a piece and started yet another one.  "Cactus Jack" lives on. In our hearts and in the blossoms.  One year I had over 50 blossoms on it!

Enjoy the beauty of Christmas in October!

Happy Quilting

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