Thursday, October 27, 2011


"It's a queen size quilt." Or "it's a baby quilt."  How often we hear this and envision the size of a quilt? How often we may be envisioning something other than what the quilter actually has made?

Below is just an example of basic sizes of quilt related to the name of the quilt.

A baby quilt is around 42" x 52", but can be between 36" to 42".

A crib size quilt measures 45" x 60".  I call these baby/toddler quilts. They work for babies, fit in the crib and will be with the baby as he/she grows into a toddler.
Average Lap quilts are 60" x 72" which is good to wrap up in. Other lap quilts are smaller and just cover your lap.

Twin size quilts are 63" x 88"

Full Size are 78" x 88"

Queen size are  84" x 92"

King size are 100" x 92" some make them 100" x 100" or larger.

These are just general guides to the sizes. To be precise in having your quilt fit the bed you want it to it is best to measure the bed and how you want the quilt to fit.  Questions to ask to determine this would include how you want the quilt to lay.  Do you want it just to cover the top of the bed and have nothing drape over the sides or the top/bottom?  If you do want it to drape over the edges, determine how far down you want it. With the deeper mattresses made today this measurement will vary. 

Then there are the other type quilts that are made such as those used as lap quilts for people to use while in a wheel chair or just to cover the lap while sitting in a chair. These measure approximately 32" or 36" by 48" or 52". 

There are also bed runners made today that are used to decorate the foot of the bed and are great to keep your feet warm without adding weight or warmth to the rest of you. (Some of us have cold feet and like to stay warm).   Bed runners measure about 18" or 24" long and 88" to 90" wide.

I hope this was helpful.

"Blossoms" Lap quilt size (48" x 57")

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