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Attaching Binding Tutorial

MAKING THE BINDING --- Doing the Math

1)   Measure the length and width all around your quilt and ADD 10”.
2)   Take that number and divide by the width of the fabric you are using for the binding. (Generally this is about 42”). Round this number up
3)   This will give you the number of cuts you need to make in your fabric.
4)   Take this number and multiply by 2½” or whatever width you are cutting your strips.
5)   This is how much fabric you need to make your binding.
6)   Cut your strips.

If you would like the math for the above it looks like this:
L(2) + w(2) + 10 = TL (Total length of strip needed)
TL ÷ 42 (roughly the width of usable fabric) = NoC (number of cuts you will need.)
NC x 2.5 =LOF (length of fabric you will need to make your binding. )

OR Just the math equation:
a)    L(2) + w (2) +10 = TL       b)   TL ÷ 42 = NoC            c)    NoC x 2.5 = LOF
OR:     {[L(2) +W(2) +10] ÷42} X 2.5 = LoF

Once you have your strips cut you need to attach them. 
Your cut strips
Lay them together at a right angle, right sides together
Lay two strips together at a right angle, right sides together.
Make a mark as in the photo
Using a ruler make a mark from one corner to the other as indicated in the photo. Pin the fabric to keep it in place while you move it to the sewing machine.
Stitch along your mark
 Stitch the two pieces together at that line. Continue attaching all the strips in this manner until you have one long strip pieced together that will fit all around your quilt with about 10 inches of strip left over.
Trimming the excess fabric
At each of the connections measure 1/4" away from your stitch as indicated in the photo and with your rotary cutter of scissors cut away the excess piece of fabric.
The excess piece cut

This is what your seam should look like (If not better)
Pressing the binding
Take your long strip, fold in half lengthwise and press to form a crease. 
Attaching binding to quilt
Lay the opened edge of your binding along the edge of your quilt. Pin it at about 12 inches from the end of your binding strip. You want a 'tail' left at the beginning as well as at the end.  
Begin stitching at the 12" mark using a 1/4" seam allowance in from the edge.

NOTE: If you want a wider piece to show on the front of your quilt or on the back of your quilt you will need to cut your binding fabric wider than the 2 1/2" I am using here.

Stitching to within 1/4" of the edge at the corner

Sew the binding to within 1/4" of the first edge of your quilt. Take a couple of back stitches to knot your stitch and keep it from coming out.  Lift your needle and the lever so you can turn your quilt. 
The quilt turned to start stitching the next side
Preparing for the mitered corner
Lift and form a right angle
Hold a pin at the top and pull down onto the fold of the right angle
As the photos indicate just above - lift up strip and form a right angle. Pin at the fold and bring strip down over the right angle. It should look like the photo below.
What it will look like when you pull it down and are ready to stitch
Begin to stitch again as you did on the other side. 1/4" from the edge.

This is what your corners should look like
 Continue to stitch your binding on all the way around your quilt stopping about 10 inches from the place where the beginning of your strip is.

The space between the end and the beginning of your binding strip
To make it easier to connect the two ends of binding this tool is the best!
(If you do not have this tool you can still connect the ends by folding them inside one another and cutting off the excess. Make sure you have folded the ends so you have a finished end showing.)

Follow the directions on the tool itself.

One end cut

Other end cut.
Right sides together matching the squared off tips
If doing this without the tool lay the long ends together so you can find the point where they will meet snugly when sewn together to form the finished binding.
Press or 'finger' press the seam open.

The finished binding
Finish stitching the binding. Your seam should look like the one above.

Pinning to the back
Now to attach the binding to the back for hand stitching!  The photo just about shows how to form a mitered corner on the back.
Pin the left side as indicated.
Hold pin at crease
Hold a pin at the crease as you pull it for a snug fit.

Pull down other side and pin in place. 

Pull down the other side to form the mitered corner. Pin in place. Continue to pin around the quilt or pin as you go. Some don't pin at all and just hand stitch and form the mitered corners as they go.

NOTES: You may need to do some wiggling of the fabric to make it work for you and your mitered corners may not always turn out perfect, but never give up!

I hope this was helpful. If you have any questions let me know.

Happy Quilting!


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