Wednesday, October 5, 2011

Quilter's Pantry - other projects/crafts

Photo box pin cushion

This is designed to be a photo box with four sides that hold photos. I transformed it (and others) into a pin cushion!  The lid comes off which makes it handy to also hold broken pins and needles or your supply of needles or your secret stash of chocolate! 

Today I remember my Mom.  It would have been her 87th birthday.  She's been gone since 1990 and I miss her all the time. She never knew I got into quilting, never how thankful I am for her teaching me to sew. She was a seamstress and made all my clothes when I was growing up.  After many years all I wanted was store bought clothes and at one point I remember telling her not to make me anything else.... until I asked her to make my wedding gown!  

Love and miss you Mom! 

Hope you all have a great day!  Remember to cherish the special moments throughout your day.  The moment that just passed---- can never be lived again. The next one --- isn't here yet.  Live in the present - It's God's gift to you.

Happy Quilting !! ♥


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