Tuesday, October 18, 2011

A Quilter's Journal

When I first started to quilt I asked my husband's Aunt many questions about quilting as she has been a quilter for many years.  One of the things she told me to start and maintain was a Journal of myself and my quilts. Her reasoning made sense. In years to come others will see or own the quilts you have made and will want to know about the person who made them.
I found it to be a wonderful idea and want to share some of the things you can put into your quilt journal.

First, as it is not just a written record, this journal should be a three ring binder so you can add pages, photos, clipings and other details as you go along. As time and years go on you will have several three ring binders to hold the history of all the quilting you have done.

Things to include in your journal

  • Section about yourself
  1.  Your name, address, phone number and any other contact information you want to include.
  2. When and why you started quilting
  3. Groups, guilds etc that you belong to(including internet forums)
  4. Shows you have attended or been a part of
  5. Classes you have taken
  6. Your favorite instructor and other instructors you have studied under
  7. Your favorite block, favorite quilt
  8. Favorite colors
  9. Contests you have entered with all the details
  10. Any other information you want to have others know about you 
  • A journal about each of the quilt projects you make
  1. The pattern used
  2. Fabrics used
  3. Colors used
  4. Size of quilt
  5. Reason you made it
  6. If it was hand pieced, appliqued, paper pieced, machine pieced, hand quilted, DS machine quilted or longarmed
  7. List anyone else who may have helped with the quilting process
  8. Photos of the quilt
  9. Pieces of the actual fabric you used
  • You may also want to include a section for charts you use to determine the amount of fabric you will need, a list of acronyms of the quilter's world and many other things. 
If you have been a quilter for many years including some of the information about the quilts you have made may not be possible. But you can start with sharing about yourself and with the quilts you are working on. 
If you are a brand new quilter and don't think anyone will ever be interested in learning about you, think again.  You just never know. Start a journal now, watch it grow and be amazed at all you accomplish over time.

Happy Journaling! Here is the cover of mine!

Cover of Journal

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