Saturday, October 6, 2012


As we get closer and closer to the holiday season we tend to stress more and more.  Here I am going to be posting ways to ease that stress for you (and me, too). 

It is also that time of year when extra blankets and quilts come out to keep us warm at night, or while we sit by the fire in the fireplace. Or even sit by the fire pit outside as we gather with friends and family to enjoy the cool fall evenings. Then there are those football games. A lap quilt or a fleece tie blanket is perfect when you attend them and cheer on your favorite school team. 

Hopefully your family has started to give you their list of "All I want for Christmas is..." . Or you have started to make gifts for them, your co- workers, special friends, guild members, and other Christmas party event where you take a hostess gift or exchange gifts. 
I know, now that I've mentioned all those 'Extra" gifts you look at the calendar and gasp as there is only a short time to make enough for everyone. 

Well, take a deep breath. There are ways to take care of all those and not loose any sleep. Think smaller and think Multi-usage.  Make a lap quilt instead of a large bed quilt. Make a table runner instead of a lap quilt. Make a wall hanging instead of a lap quilt. (Often that table runner can do double work and be used as a table runner or a wall hanging. Add the hanging sleeve or corner tabs and give the recipient the option to use it how they want. 

Then, there are easier things to make. Make a single large block and use it as a small table cover or wall hanging. Often the person who, 'has everything' still has a small space on their wall to hang a small quilt.  Make that block even smaller and add a hanger to be used as a tree ornament.  That ornament may be just the right size to be used as a coaster in you don't put the hanger on it. 

Other gift ideas - 
For fellow quilters -- pin cushions, totes to carry their supplies to a class. A hot iron carrier.  An apron with pockets to hold small quilting tools. 

For the cook -- A casserole dish carrier, an apron. Matching aprons for all the family members. Pot holders/hot pads. A set of coasters. Covers for the toaster, blender, mixer etc. 

For the toddler -- Pillow case and small lap quilt. 

For the baby -- Small quilt, taggie blanket,  stuffed toys, bibs, receiving blankets, crib sheets etc.

For the co-worker -- find out what they like, colors, etc.  Make an ornament, hot pads, book or e-reader cover, table runner, book mark. 

For anyone --- pick from any of the above and make for that age. 

Now, not everyone will appreciate a homemade gift. For those you can still go buy something. (This will also be useful if you run out of time to make everything. Another idea for that special someone you are making something for, but run out of time for is to gift them an IOU.  I know that doesn't sound so wonderful, but it will work.  (I did it last year with my own daughter). 

And that is it for now...... got to run, but I'll be back with more ideas and maybe a tutorial or two to help you out.  Plus you can always check out my web site shop or my etsy shop to see what I have for sale that you can purchase. They are all homemade!  This will give your recipient that homemade gift, but you didn't have to make it. Doing this is a great idea to help save you time. Especially if you don't know how to make everything you would like to....yet.  WE are always learning to make and do more! 

Til next time - keep those needles stitching. 


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