Friday, October 26, 2012


October is on it's way out and November will be upon us in less than a week. Most of us will change our clocks back an hour. The trees will be all but bare of the glorious colors we enjoyed this fall. 
The temps here will be changing from the 80's we've enjoyed these last few days to highs only in the 40's. They are even calling for some snow. 
And further to our North they are calling for "Frankenstorm" - with bad winds, rain and snow in some areas. 

Most of us are able to just roll with the change. Others have a hard time when things change. We don't  understand the time change. We miss the day light hours. We miss the warm temps. We miss the beauty of the colors of fall. This after we made the adjustments of missing summer with the green leaves, beautiful flowers, trips to the mountains or the beach. 

Life is all about change. Each day we awake to the unknown. Oh, we have our day planned with places to go, things to do, obligations we need to take care or, work to perform and family to share the day with. Yet, when the day is done we sit back and absorb the reality of the day. The detours we had to take, time delays, change in our routine, emergency that happened, minor bump in the day. Hopefully we sit back and are able to smile despite all that happened to change our plans. We made it through the day. 

I've been sharing some ideas of how to be organized and plan out all the things we need to be doing at this time of year to get ready for the holidays. We can get ourselves organized down to the minute, but we also must allow for those delays, interruptions, unexpected events that creep into our lives. If we have our life planned to the minute and can't deal with those little bumps in our road we will  become frustrated and loose our focus and loose our joy. 

When a bump in the road throws you off course learn to accept it for what it is and go on. Sometimes getting back on course may take a while. Sometimes it is truly a little bump and you can get back on course easily.

I had my summer planned and all my quilts and projects planned to be done by the beginning of October this year. I had planned to take some time off work at that time to help my daughter and son in law with their new born.  All my plans came to a halt when she delivered him 9 weeks early (August 10).  Like I said, some bumps may take a little while before you can get back to what you have planned. 

Over the next month we will be entertaining family with Thanksgiving dinner, more football, and changing the decorations in our home over the Christmas. We will continue to work on Christmas gifts and quilting projects. Many will be working extra hours at your jobs. Unexpected company may arrive. We will feel rushed, sometimes overwhelmed. However - the key phrase to less stress "share the work load".  I'll be sharing more tips for easing holiday stress over the next week. In the mean time....  Breath, share the work load, take it easy, eat well and get enough rest.

If you have any tips you would like to share feel free to leave comments so everyone can benefit.  I'd love to hear your thoughts, ideas, suggestions etc.

Til next time - keep the needles stitching. 


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