Monday, October 29, 2012

And Winter Begins

And with winter comes the need for tissues to capture those runny noses that come with the cold temps, colds and flu. 
These pictured are easy to make, but I will also have them for sale on my web shop as well as other other fabric options. Great for stocking stuffers.

This year winter is coming upon us early with a hurricane name, "Sandy" and a nor-easter joining her. The people in the northeast as well as from NC to Ohio, and New England are being affected as well as us here in TN. 

We wish everyone a safe and warm few days ahead. We have cold and some wind and rain, but they say the snow is on it's way, especially for the higher elevations. We will see what tomorrow brings. 

As we all are pinned to the TV watching the news many quilters are gathering supplies so we have work to do while the snow keeps us in, and the power outages keep us unable to use the sewing machines. We tend to be a resourceful group of people. We hurry up with the piecing so we have only hand sewing to do. We pull out the treadle machines so we can sew without power. We pull out fabric and pattern so we have a quilt to start cutting the pieces for. Even power outages don't slow us down. 

O.k. so it slows some of us down. I just hope our power doesn't go out. I've been without it before for up to 7 days, and you can ask my husband..... I'm not a happy camper when that happens.  While he says he was born 100 years too late and enjoys the history of that time, I admit, I'm spoiled.  I can live without some things, but need my electricity and light. 

The days before Christmas keep getting fewer and fewer. As time gets closer and the bigger gifts are made or purchased we find time to make the little things. We make little things to decorate the house, and the tree. We find ideas for little stocking stuffers like the tissue holders pictured. We go to craft shows and see things for sale. We may buy what we see or we may study it for a while and figure we can go home and make the same thing. More often than not we go home and once we figure up all the supplies we need to make what we saw and the time involved....we should have just bought what the other crafter had for sale and helped support her or him

May you all continue to work on your goals for this season. Work together with other crafters, family members and friends to get it all done so you can sit back and enjoy the season and the approaching holidays. 

And if you feel the true need to, you are allowed to say, "No"  when you find yourself pushed beyond your limit to do any more than you already are.  You need to take care of you and give yourself time to relax and enjoy. 

Til next time -- keeps those needles stitching. 


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