Thursday, October 11, 2012


I for one can not function well when my space is cluttered. I also know it is easy to get your sewing area cluttered.  We have the sewing machine, cutting area, tools, ironing board and iron, fabric of all colors, shapes and prints, and we always need more space for storage. 

Taking a little space as this one pictured above works fine. This was my area until I started the business and added the longarm machine. Then I moved everything downstairs and now use this area as my office for the business. 

Make the most of what you have or can find. You don't have to spend a lot of money to get the best and biggest. Turn your closet into storage space. Hang finished quilts on hangers in the closet as well as UFOs (Un-Finished Objects). Use an old dresser for storing your tools, and small FQ's, or smaller pieces. Label each drawer with what is inside. 

Use a book case or other shelving unit to store larger cuts of fabric. Larger tools, pin cushions, sewing baskets etc. 

Transform a wall into your space to display wall hangings, notes, patterns you want to do, hang your rulers on push pins on the wall or a bulletin board. 

Add shelves along the top of the walls to add you collections and personal items that bring you joy. 

Add an area for all your projects. Label them according to person they are for, time frame you need them done, pattern and the project itself as you take a break from it. By keeping everything for each project together you save time when you have that precious time to work on it. 

Make a list of the gifts you want to make for whom. As you get each one done check it off and write on there where you have put it so when it comes time to wrap it up and give it you know where it is.  Nothing worse than having spent all that time on something and then not be able to find it when you need it. 

If you are beyond the point of being able to start fresh and new in a sewing area and you look around at what you have and see a cluttered mess, don't fret. Take one step at a time and organize one thing at a time. Or make it an all day project.  If you don't think you have the time for that AND to get all the projects done, don't stress over it. The most important thing is to work on those projects and at least keep them organized.

I do know some people work well with a cluttered mess and if you are one of them - skip this whole thought process and just get to sewing. 

Which ever way you work best it's time to get started or finished with those projects for Christmas.  Do you have your list? Have you checked it twice? Have you been able to check off a few recipients because their gifts are done? GREAT! Where did you put the gifts? 

A great way to be a step ahead for next year is to start this whole process in January!  One or two gifts per month. For that larger gift of a quilt work on it a little bit at a time instead of trying to rush it.  

If you will be wanting to send it out to be longarmed the sooner you can get the tops done and sent out to be done the easier it will be on the longarmers. We tend to get busier this time of year and the waiting times can be longer than normal.  (We love the extra work that comes our way Jan - April when times tend to be slower).

Maybe I'll do some write ups next year on organizing and staying clutter free..... huummmm.....thinking ......

O.K. so for today the stress free thoughts
1) De-clutter if you want to,  or need to. 
 2)Make your lists of recipients and their gift(s) and check them twice. 
3)Make a list of supplies you will need for each project. 
4)Check off the items you already have. 
5)Separate each project into boxes, or drawers or other containers. 
      a)this includes pattern, 
      b)fabrics and 
      c)item as you work on it.
6)Set up a time schedule to work on the projects.
7) Start(continue) sewing and have fun. 

Til next time ------- keep those needles stitching. 


Next write up - dealing with everything else during the holiday season. Well, maybe not everything.... but we'll get started.

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