Saturday, September 10, 2011

It all started when....

Good morning and welcome to the weekend!  

I thought I'd take a moment to show the first quilt project I made.  This was a wall hanging I made called "Spools"  The pattern was actually for a queen size quilt (one of Walmart's quilt of the month), but I just did the nine blocks of it. I did this in memory of my Mom who was a seamstress, the spools remind me of her.
When I finished this one my husband asked if I could make a quilt for our grandson.  So my second quilt was one I designed, did other techniques in making and the rest as they say is history! (I'll share the second quilt on another day -- gives you something to look forward to )

Thus the added list of the day ---- 

You know you’re a quilter when…
1)   You have thread everywhere in your house, laundry, car, on your clothes...
2)   You have quilting pins stuck in the visor of your car
3)   People ask if you sew and you say, "No, I'm a quilter."
4)   Everyone knows you are a quilter even though you never say a word
5)   You buy fabric for no particular purpose, but know you just ‘have to have it’
6)   Your coffee table book(s) are about quilts
7)   All the magazines in the house are quilt related
8)   You make sure you have enough fabric in the house for a project to work on while you have no power or are snowbound for a few days.
9)     You know that a fat quarter is not a bad thing
10) You have learned a whole new language and find it amusing when you start talking ‘quilteze’ people, who aren’t quilters, look so lost. – So you teach them!
11) You’re not actually quilting you are on the internet looking for fabric, patterns, tips, or have joined in a quilting forum or two or three
  12)    You follow blogs about quilting or quilters
13) You have learned how to hide the fabric you just bought
14) You plan your vacation around a quilt show
15) You plan your vacation and make sure there are a few quilt shops to visit
16) Have part of your house or a full room or have built on to the house to hold your quilting passion –(Sewing machine, longarm, fabrics, tools….. )
17) You look at people’s clothes and think what a great quilt the fabrics would make
18) You see quilts in flooring, ceiling tiles everywhere you go.
19) You take down photos and other art work to make room to hang your quilts
20) You eat, sleep, dream and think in quilts!

There are so many more --- I’ll add as time goes on, or send me yours and I’ll add them too!

Happy Quilting!


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