Saturday, January 28, 2012

Longarm work for Clients

This section will show the longarm work done by Phyllis at Quilter's Pantry.  
The quilts pictured are made by clients unless otherwise mentioned. 

Baby quilt pieced by Sandra Shell. Longarmed by Phyllis Dewey.

 Baby quilt longarmed using computer design and free motion work combination.

Back view showing the longarm quilting

Double Wedding Ring hand pieced by Nell Benton. Longarmed by Phyllis Dewey

Large quilt hand pieced by Nell B. Longarm work was combination computer design and free motion.
Back view of DWR showing longarm stitching

The two quilts below:
Fabric was designed by Lucinda Lei.

These are both made by Phyllis D. using the panel and backing fabric that Lucinda Lei designed. 
Longarm work on both was done by Phyllis D at Quilter's Pantry.

Front view

Back view

Front view of second quilt.
Back view.

Quilt below was done for a customer. She provided the t-shirts and working with her on the lay out of where she wanted the designs to go I made this quilt for her.
T-Shirt quilt made for Mary M.

Below is a picture of two quilts side by side. They are identical. Picture shows the front of the one and the back of the other so you can see the longarm stitching.
Identical quilts made by Ali L. and longarmed by Phyllis


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