Tuesday, January 17, 2012

Making a pattern into my own

I just finished this quilt top. By taking an original pattern, changing the size of the blocks adding extra borders I made it my own. 

You too can do this to patterns you use. Some patterns are easier to alter than others, but you can make most quilts larger than the pattern calls for just by adding borders. 

Make a square quilt pattern into a rectangle by adding larger borders or more borders just on the top, or top and bottom.

That is part of the fun and creativity that comes with quilting.

I will get this loaded onto the longarm over the weekend and share the final quilt when it is done. You will see what an additional difference the longarm stitching makes on a quilt top. 

If you have a quilt top that needs to be longarmed, or want a quilt made - just let me know. 


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