Sunday, January 8, 2012

Tips for Storing Patterns

I spent part of my weekend going through my loose quilt patterns and organizing them. I have ones I have printed off the internet, ones I have collected that Walmart puts out each month, and others that I have from who knows where at this point. 

I have patterns for just blocks, patterns for wall hangings, patterns for pot holders, table runners. Oh, yes, and patterns for quilts. PLUS the patterns I design. 

And this is not counting the patterns in the books, and magazines! 

If you are a quilter you understand. 

After finding them here there and yon, I decided it was time they were at a central location.

So I grabbed one of my 3-ring binders and some plastic page sleeves.  I put two patterns in per sleeve - one faceing each direction in the sleeve.  I have some that are dulicates and put those in together. 

I then divided them into categories:

1) Quilt patterns from a particular manufacturer
2) Wall Hangings
3) Table runners
4) Christmas
5) Log Cabin patterns - this has a separate section since there are so many ways to use a set of log cabin blocks
6) Just Blocks
7) Other projects

You can add more categories and I am sure I will in time. 

If you find a pattern in a book or a magazine that you like there are many ways to keep it handy. Either make a list of the pattern/quilt that you like and include a photo of it, list where the pattern is and in what book or magazine. 
Or make a copy of it and put the copy into your 3-ring binder. (Make sure you note on there any copyright issues with using that pattern.) 
You can also scan the patterns from books and magazines and then print them out to put into you binder(s). Plus you will have the scan saved on your computer or jump drive to refer back to at any time. 
You can also make notes on the cover of each book or magazine of quilts you like and want to make. 

Patterns that are in magazines or books may come under copyright laws and are not to be copies and shared.  More on that subject can be found on the internet. 

If you have enough patterns or other things you want to keep organized you may just want to get several colors of binders. I would also label each one according to what is it in for quick reference.
I hope this has been helpful. 

Happy Quilting ! 


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