Wednesday, January 4, 2012

Tips and Hints

A new year a new plan.

Today's tip -----

To help you get your fabric organized and for you to be able to easily tell how much of each fabric you have without unfolding it, I've designed fabric labels. Feel free to create your own to meet your needs. 

On mine I include where I purchased it, the date and the price. This way I know where I got it in case I need or want more. Often fabric may not be available after a certain amount of time so the date comes in handy also. 

By putting the yardage in the beginning as well as keeping track of the balance each time you use some it is easy to see who much you have left just by looking at the label instead of needing to unfold the fabric each time. 

By putting the "Project Idea" on the label you will be more likely to save it for that project, be reminded of the project you wanted to do when you look at the label again. 

Another tip for "Projects" is to put all the fabric together along with the pattern as you buy the fabric.

Happy Quilting



DATE: ___________
YARDAGE ________________ PRICE: ________________
PURCHASED FROM ________________________________
PROJECT IDEA ___________________________________
PRE WASHED ___________ PHOTO __________________
USED ___________________________ DATE __________
BALANCE ________________________________________
USED ________________ DATE______________________
BALANCE ________________________________________

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