Friday, March 9, 2012

Another use for t-shirts!

As if I have spare time some days. 
But this was so fast and easy to make! 

I have joined the many who are on Pinterest. I love the site. So many craft and inspiring posts, pictures and links there. This idea was one of them. 

Take a t-shirt. Lay it flat on a table or on your cutting mat. Cut it across just under the arm holes. Then cut strips like you would if you are making a fleece tie blanket. The longer the strips the longer your fringe will be. You can either leave the edge of the t-shirt as is or, as I did, I cut that off also. 

Then hold the top of the piece and gently pull each strip to elongate it and make it turn a bit. 
The original post has it worn just as a scarf over your head and hanging down so the fringe reaches your waist. 
I did that, then decided I was cold. I often like to wear turtle necks to keep warm in cool/cold weather. So I took my new 'scarf' and just wrapped it around my neck. I secured it with a safety pin in the back. But if I were going to only wear it this way (as pictured) I would stitch a piece of velcro on each end and use that to secure it in place. 
Now I want more t-shirts to cut up!  

The original idea came from:

Have fun today! 


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