Monday, March 12, 2012

Time Change

Good morning everyone! Welcome to a new week with a new time -SPRING FORWARD time is here. It makes for more daylight, more time to get things done outside. In the mean time we have lost an hour. An hour that jumped forward while we (most of us) were asleep so we wouldn't notice.  HA!  I noticed! I had to work yesterday so forced myself through the day. 

Today I am off work and got to sleep in. Now it's time to head to the quilt studio to play with fabrics!

I really enjoy being able to look at fabric and listen to what it has to say about what it wants to become.
The added joy is my working in a fabric department and playing with all the fabrics that come in. I have the joy of talking with customers who are buying fabric and learning what they are making. Often they share with me and ask for my opinion on what they are making and how to make it. 

I was blessed with a mother who taught me a lot about sewing. I am blessed with friends who also taught me more about quilting. I am also blessed with the talent and creativity that God has given me.  

I have two shows coming up where my items will be for sale. One is March 31st, the other is April 27 - 28th. 
Both are local shows. The one in March is at the Mountain View Baptist Church - the 'Chocolate Fest' they are doing to raise money for missions. 
The other one is a Quilt show at the Appalachian Fair Grounds in Gray, TN. 
If you are in the area, or can make it I'd love to see you at either one, or both of these events. 

In the mean time ---- You'll find me in the Quilter's Pantry Quilt Studio. 


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